A 19-year-old Tennessee woman was reportedly found with a loaded handgun hidden in her vagina when she was called in to the local police station to investigate a driving violation.

Dallas Archer was being booked at a Kingsport jail for driving with a suspended license. While searching her, a female corrections offer discovered an “unknown object” in the woman’s nether regions, The Smoking Gun reports.

The officer and a female cop took Archer into the bathroom for a more thorough search. They found a four-inch “North American Arms 22 LR revolver (loaded) which Ms. Dallas had concealed in her vagina,” according to the police report.

Archer already has a storied criminal record, despite her age. She has been charged with aggravated assault and domestic vandalism for allegedly choking her mother and then pouring bleach on the clothes in her bedroom. Now she also has the charges of driving with a suspended license, possession of a stolen firearm, and introduction of contraband into a penal facility, a Class C felony.

Investigating the weapon, police found that the five-shot mini-revolver had been “stolen from an auto burglary in 2013.” It is the property of 70-year-old retired car salesman John Souther.

Souther said the gun, valued at $250, had been taken from his 1994 Mustang last year while it was sitting in his carport. Police had informed him that the gun had been recovered, but not how.

“Oh, gosh,” he said in response to the news about the gun’s whereabouts.

He said he would like “the little fellow” back, but not before “a bath in bleach.”

In the most famous recent case of a woman stashing a gun up her vagina, writer Cormac McCarthy’s ex-wife was arrested in January for “suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon” after she put “a silver handgun up her vagina” during an argument with her boyfriend about space aliens.




This story is crazy! Next time I go to my neighbors cookout, I’m going to make sure I don’t leave too early. A Baltimore man was charged yesterday with fatally shooting his neighbor, saying he felt “disrespected” when the victim left a Sunday cookout early, according to charging documents.

Police said Brandon Jerome Stanfield, 30, shot and killed Michael Jefferson Jr., 39, inside his home on Rocky Brook Court after Jefferson left a cookout before Stanfield’s family arrived, one witness told police, according to documents filed in Baltimore County District Court.

Officers found Jefferson dead from multiple gunshot wounds inside his home shortly after midnight Monday after receiving reports of shots fired.

Several witnesses told detectives that they were with Stanfield and Jefferson at a cookout earlier that day and that the two men went inside Jefferson’s home.

Once inside, one witness told police that Stanfield pulled out a .40 caliber Glock and placed it on the kitchen table, and Jefferson told Stanfield he didn’t want guns in his home, the document said. Stanfield then began shooting, and Jefferson tried to flee, running toward the front door. The witness escaped down the basement and left through the back door.

Police did not identify the witnesses in the document, citing safety concerns.

Police searched Stanfield’s home Monday where they recovered a .40-caliber Glock, two .40-caliber cartridges, which match the shell casings found at the scene, the document said.

Stanfield is charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bail at the Baltimore County Detention Center. He did not have an attorney listed in court records.



A Bloody Holiday Weekend: 45 People Shot In Chicago on “Easter” Weekend – 9 Were Killed, 6 Were Children

– Among those killed were two teens who were involved in a dispute that apparently started on Facebook. –

Chicago, IL — The city of Chicago had a very bloody holiday weekend this past Easter that saw at least 45 people shot. Of the 45, 9 were actually killed and 6 were children.
Among those killed were two men who were slain in the South Lawn-dale neighborhood. They reportedly were sitting in a Lincoln Navigator when an orange Hummer blocked their path, two people wearing masks and armed with guns came out, and sprayed the Navigator with nearly a dozen bullets. And it all happened right near a police “blue light” camera. The Hummer of course then fled.

Also killed was a married couple, both law enforcement officers, who apparently died in a murder-suicide at their home on the Southwest Side.

There were also two teens who were found dead in an apartment building in the 8200 block of South Houston Avenue; Both had been shot in the head, and one boy’s mother said they were killed over a dispute that started out on Facebook.

Just how bad is gun violence in Chicago overall?

In 2012 alone, there were 516 murders. That number dropped to 415 murders in 2014, still a high number, but actually the lowest murder total for Chicago in nearly 50 years. On average the city averages about 450 annual murders.

So what do the city’s officials have to say?

The city’s superintendent said the vast majority of shootings in Chicago are gang-related, and detectives were working to determine “which of the hot conflicts” were to blame for the most recent spate of violence.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said addressing the violence isn’t just about what the police do – but what the schools, community groups and parents do to instill values in their children. He commented, “You can’t do this just by discussing how many police we have and counting heads. You can’t do this by figuring out many kids are in after school. We have to do all of that and more and we all know we have tough budgets.”

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said, “This doesn’t wipe out what has happened over the last two years, and this is a conversation that we’ve had time and time again There’s no magic formula here. We have a plan, we have a strategy, and it’s hard work. That’s what it is. … It’s a day-by-day, minute-by-minute grind, and we’re into busy season. That’s what it is.”


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A former New York City transit cop who shot and killed his wife in front of their two young children in their home told police it was her infidelity that drove him to murder.

Kevin Canty, 43, broke down and confessed just moments after shooting wife Jessica Mera 10 times with a 9-mm pistol said prosecutors at his arraignment Sunday in Queens Criminal Court. ‘I’m sorry,’ Canty is said to have told the detective driving him from the crime scene.

‘I love my wife,’ he said. ‘She was cheating on me.’ He went on to call Mera a ‘whore.’ ‘I know I’m going to jail,’ he reportedly told the detectives. He was taken into custody only a mile from his Queens home.

The couple’s two young children, a girl aged four and a boy aged eight, were home as he fired into Mera’s stomach, upper chest, breast, arm, and armpit.

According to CBS, a neighbor shopping at a nearby deli saw the two children run from the house, yelling, ‘Daddy shot Mommy!’ ‘They came in screaming, crying saying their dad just shot their mom and there’s blood all over, please help,’ local Heidi Gamble said.

Screen-Shot-2014-04-21-at-7.51.17-PM-300x282For those who knew the couple the shooting was horrifying but somehow inevitable. Shanique Varlack, 22, said Canty often threatened his wife and was prone to drunken rages. ‘He told more than one person – ‘I’m gonna kill this b—h one day,’’ Varlack said. ‘Everybody is just so distraught. He’s a cop. He’s supposed to protect us. He took an oath and now? He’s a murderer. She did not deserve to die.’

Another neighbor said Canty was ‘scary and intimidating.’ ‘He doesn’t really talk to people too much. You have to talk to him first,’ Daniel Ali, 30, said. Another neighbor said she wasn’t surprised by the violent turn of events. ‘They were not a happy couple,’ Joanne Bagley, 52, told the Post. ‘They fight all the time on the block. I guess it was inevitable.’

The two children are now in protective custody.

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T.I. Moved Out To Be With His Side Chick Jasmin Jaye?

Back in January, T.I. hopped on Instagram to reveal some clues that his marriage to Tiny, might be falling apart. Ever since, the couple has grown noticeably distant towards one another. Even worse, T.I. has moved out.

There is speculation that the move may be due to a certain female named Jasmin Jaye.

Via Baller Alert:

According to the Baller Mail, a lot of you speculate that T.I. is dating a woman by the name of Jasmin Jaye, she apparently doesn’t do much besides party in LA. Jasmin Jaye has been tied to Trey Songz, and isn’t new to sleeping with married men.

Even though she’s from LA, she is often found everywhere T.I. is and has even done Tiny’s hair on occasion. Well, there’s more to T.I.’s new Buckhead area crib. According to several sources, he did not get the new spot to be closer to his studio. It’s actually he and Jasmin’s new home.

Jasmin and T.I. have been dating since early last year and apparently she’s got him wide open. He has her all around Atlanta with him and he even got her a white 550 Benz. Some people are saying that it’s gotten so messy that even her old friends doesn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore but I’ll take that last sentence with a grain of salt.

According to AskKissy.com,

While this cannot be confirmed it does make sense. A few weeks ago, Tamar went on a rampage talking about sidechicks and women invading your home just to get at your man. Instead of Vince she could have been referring to Tiny and T.I.’s situation.


If it’s true I feel bad for Tiny. She’s been a true down chick, but at the same time I will never believe that Tip really wanted to marry her. I think he married her out of respect, obligation and the fact he’d just got out of jail. We all know how nice people are when they get out of jail, but then shortly they return back to being themselves. T.I. really ain’t about that one woman, married life.


In addition, if Tiny always had to put up with TIP cheating on her and having side chicks that explains why a woman in her position would go and subject herself to a procedure to get a bigger butt. Considering she already had a prize husband, it was unnecessary unless someone was making her feel inadequate because they were constantly chasing chicks with bigger breast and bigger bottoms.


Women in Hollywood have the same problems that every day women do.



Mom Who Left Children In Car During Interview Was Not Homeless Or Jobless

An Arizona mom, who left her children in the car during a job interview, has received more than $113,000 in donations. Shanesha Taylor, age 35, said she was forced to leave her 2-year-old and 6-month-old children inside the car, as she was homeless and unemployed. Authorities have now revealed that Taylor had a job and a home at the time of her arrest.

Authorities were alerted to the situation when a witness observed one of the children crying inside the car. As the vehicle was locked, and Taylor’s whereabouts were unknown, the witness called 911.

Police responded to the scene and removed the children from the car. Both children were placed in the custody of Child Protective Services. However, it was nearly an hour before the mother returned to her vehicle.

Taylor said she was forced to leave her children in the car during her interview. As reported by KPHO News, the single mother said she was homeless and unemployed. She said she simply could not afford child care.

Despite her explanation, Shenesha Taylor was arrested in charges of child abuse and neglect. Although she was eventually released on $9,000 bond, her children remain in the custody of the state.

Although Taylor has received an outpouring of public support, prosecutors assert that she is guilty of abusing and neglecting her children. Furthermore, authorities have stated that Taylor’s claims of homelessness and unemployment were false.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said the single mother was in fact employed when she interviewed for another job. Taylor and her children also had a home address at the time of her arrest.

Today reports that the interior of the vehicle was more than 100 degrees. Taylor’s 6-month-old child was crying uncontrollably and both children were covered in sweat when they were removed from the car.

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Attorney Benjamin Taylor insists the defendant had no choice:

“This is a single mom who was trying to get a job, and unfortunately she was arrested for trying to get a job… She wasn’t going to a liquor store. She wasn’t going to a party. She was going to a job interview… This is a case where you have a single mom who’s doing her best, who’s trying to survive out here in the world.”

Although Taylor has no prior criminal record, she is facing eight years in prison for leaving her children in the car during an interview. She is scheduled to return to court later this month.



Eric Williams Former ‘Basketball Wives’ Star, NBA Player Is Homeless And Broke

Eric Williams (pictured), who played with such NBA powerhouse teams as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Denver Nuggets, and New Jersey Nets and was also featured on the reality show “Basketball Wives,” is now claiming to be broke and homeless, according to TMZ.

Williams reportedly made his poverty claims in a letter he composed to a Colorado family court, where he explained why he could not attend his child support hearing earlier this month.

According to reports, the 41-year-old small forward, who was married to “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams, explained in the letter that a court-ordered citation that was supposed to be delivered to a home address was never received by him because he has no home.

The Father of a 13-year-old son, Williams reportedly owes about $24,000 in back child support payments to the child’s mother. He also reportedly informed the court that he is not only homeless but broke as well. Williams also claimed in the alleged court letter that he could not even afford the airfare to get to Colorado and that hiring a lawyer was a financial impossibility as well.

Williams closed by saying that he is currently working as a volunteer for an unnamed nonprofit as he attempts to piece his apparently fragmented existence together stating, “I’m in the rebuilding stages of my life.”



Watch Thug Bullying Elderly Couple On Bus Get Beat Down By Passengers

A video capturing an elderly couple being viciously bullied by an unidentified thug on a New York City bus is going viral on the web. In the cellphone video, an unidentified man is filmed giving the couple a vulgar tongue-lashing and hovering over them in a menacing manner. At one point, the thug gets in the face of the elderly woman and curses at her.

When the elderly man accompanying the woman stands up to his younger opponent, the thug punched him. At this point, the passengers could no longer stand idly by and watch the abuse. Many of the riders sprung to action to defend the elderly couple, pummeling and knocking the man down. The elderly man is even captured on video getting in a few licks of his own, as riders try to restrain the menacing stranger.

The vigilante bus attack turns into a fracas as the person recording the action is overheard stating, “This is crazy!” The video abruptly ends when the passengers remove the man from the bus.

Watch the city bus madness below: