Tyrell Styles, left, Cion Styles, 5, center, and Shyema Washington, right. Photo Courtesy 6ABC


In life we are all hit by tragedy, but this is one of the sickest stories I read all week. A man from Philadelphia killed his five-year-old son, and terribly injured the boy’s mother before shooting his self in the head.

Authorities say the boy’s mother Shyema Washington and her five-year-old son attended a birthday party at a family member’s apartment on the 1100 block of Haverford Road in Ridley Township this past Saturday night.

Police claim the boy’s mother and father showed up at the birthday party to pick up their son at 11:30 P.M. The mother of the five-year-old boy went inside the apartment to tell her son it was time to go. Little did the boy know he was about to be murdered, according to investigators. When Shyeme and her son came back outside the apartment, the father pull out his gun and started shooting at them.

Shyeme, the boy’s mother, was shot one time in the mouth, two times in the butt, and one time in the stomach. After he thought she was dead, he pointed the gun at his five-year-old son and shot him until he hit the ground. He shot the little boy in his head and in his ankle. The father was on the run in a white Grand Prix, according to authorities.

The police chased Tyrell Styles, which led to a crash on Chester Pike and Oak Avenue. Unfortunately two drivers that weren’t associated with the crime suffered minor injuries. The police said Tyrell sped off until he reached a dead end on the 300 block of Brainerd BLVD in Sharon Hill. When the police jumped out of the car to approach him, he started laughing and fired one shot through his skull.

The five-year-old boy was rush to Crozer-Chester Hospital where he was pronounced dead. His mother was taken to the same hospital and was in critical condition. (SMH)

The father was taken to the hospital and died yesterday.

I don’t understand why he felt the need to murder his family, but police said they were going through domestic violence problems before the killings. The police said the gun Tyrell Styles used was legally owned by him.

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