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Chile quiet as its kept, I never really went in on Kordell Stewart out of respect Porsha. I had met Porsha a few times and found it in poor taste to be riding out on her husband. Now that he is about to be Tyler Perry’s husband, I guess it is ok for me to go in and let have.

It is no secret that Kordell Stewart allegedly got caught sucking tranny dick down to da park. Chile y’all know i have to use my buzz words  like “allegedly” to keep from getting sued. On the heels of landmark supreme court rulings that WILL make gay marriage legal for all Americans, Kordell Stewart is getting things in order so he can be one of the first in line at the Georgia gay peoples marriage license office. 

For those of you wondering where all these Kordell Stewart is gay rumors started from, it was a messy ass police officer who spilled Kordell’s T. There was a police officer in Pittsburgh who allegedly once caught Kordell engaging in gay sex in  a limousine. Due to Kordell’s notoriety, the officer reportedly swept swept the whole ordeal under the rug. It was also rumored that Kordellfrequented Schenley Park in Pittsburg, an area that is frequented by gay and transsexual men. Hence,Kordell Stweart got caught sucking tranny dick down to da park…

It is unfortunate when the public is more willing to embrace you than you are willing to embrace yourself. Chile Cheese Hunty. When you Google “Kordell Stewart gay” you get more hits on that than you do on accolades from his impressive sports career. In situations like divorce, we must find a way to look at the glass has full as opposed to half empty. A house ain’t really a home if there is no happiness within its walls. I don’t give a damn what your zip code is and how expensive your lifestyle may be, no one should stay in any marriage that they are not happy in. It is just that simple.  Life is about happiness. In my book happiness comes before marriage. No amount of kids, finances, status, or fear of supporting one’s self should keep anyone in an unhappy marriage. Life is too short. I honesty feel like Kordell divorcing Porsha is him taking major steps to finding his happiness. Hats off to him.

That’s a hot ass mess. But something told us his ass was gay. 

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