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Social Media Users Track Down Woman Behind Racist Trayvon Martin Costume & Get Her Fired From Her Job

This world is slowly going to the waste side because people make racial tensions so high. As brought out by, the behavior of these individuals photographed is equal to someone dressing up as the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooter and wearing bloody costumes mocking the children that were killed. Fortunately, karma caught up with this group and now their worlds are destroyed behind their ignorant, disgusting, insensitive Halloween costumes:

Caitlin Cimeno, mother of two from Massachusetts (by way of Florida), William Filene (a convicted felon) and Greg Cimeno who thought posting this disgusting photo was a great idea (and #funny). Only a proud (and completely-idiotic) racist would post this with her full name, pics of her kids at school and selfies in her work attire on a public Instagram profile. She even captioned the images: ‘Happy Halloween from Zimmerman & trayvon’ with a smiley face emoticon.

This was a post found on Caitlin’s page that displayed more of her racist rhetoric:
The other two proud racists are William Filene (left, in hoodie and Blackface/mask) who, according to The Smoking Gun, is a convicted felon and Greg Cimeno (right, dressed as George Zimmerman) who thought the costume was “fawking hilarious!!!” So one of the men is a convicted felon but Trayvon Martin was a “thug” who deserved to die?
It only took a few minutes for some research-orientated Facebook & Instagram users to identify Caitlin and the other two men. They quickly let her know how her ignorant, racist attitude just ruined her life….











And this is the end result of Caitlyn and her friend’s “hilarious” racist costume:


For the Original Report Please Visit: WORDONDASTREET.COM

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